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There is a chance that a few workouts in a row will have the exact same exercise.

The way the TMA system creates your workouts is that the exercises are being pulled from the exact level you are at in the skills that you are currently working on.

Depending on the duration that you pick, the app will create a workout based on that time.

The longer time you pick the more skills the system can fit into your workout.

If you are working on 9 fundamental moves and you pick a workout that is 50 min + there is a high chance that the system will fit all the skills you are currently working on and will create a full-body workout.

In this case, yes you will most probably see the same workout 3-4 times before you will see any new exercises.

Progressions are designed to have very small steps between them so within a couple of workouts you should be advancing to the next level.

But be patient as some exercises might take a little bit longer. What you should be looking for is an increase in reps and % on your summary screen.

Repeating the movements through a few sessions is important as it conditions your nervous system and teaching your body movement patterns which will be important later on in your progression.

Note that these are full-body workouts so we would suggest doing them 3-4 times a week if you are opting in for longer workouts.

If you choose smaller time slots then the system will create split routines. You can read more about split routines and how they are created here

For 20 min workouts, we suggest doing workouts daily

For 30 min - we suggest 5-6 days a week.

Once you start working on advanced skills it's also important to balance your workouts with ON Demand Library.

Here is how to do it.

When you are working on fundamentals you can be sure to get a full-body routine, but as soon as you start working on advanced skills your workouts quickly might become unbalanced.

It's important that you balance your workouts either by choosing the skills that cover pushing, pulling, leg, and core skills or adding On Demand workouts on the top of your weekly schedule.

For example, if you are currently working on Front Lever, Leg Raises and Muscle Ups - this si a very heavy Upper Body and Core set up. It's Important to add Leg Workouts or Full Body workouts. You can easily choose some from our library.

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