Split or a full-body routine?
Which is better? More optimal? Will get you better results?

We get that question a lot.

So today we want to share with our take on the topic, everything that we've learned over the last 10 years of and how we structure it now when we train our students.

Let's go.

First of all...

We strongly believe that the best workouts are the ones that you actually do.

Our job at TMA is to take away complexity from your training so you can get world-class programming and incredible results without having to know anything about it.

Duh, you are busy! We know it!

So what exercises to do and how to maximize the progress...
That part is taken care of (and we are pretty good at it).

It's the "showing up" part that is hard...

Between work, family, and everything else going on, it's hard to commit to 45 min of these "prepared for you workouts" from that ebook or a course that you bought.

Some days you are just exhausted

So you don't do it .... and we don't blame you

So when we were building TMA we really wanted to put you and your schedule in the center of your training program.

We wanted to give you the maximum flexibility in terms of time and equipment...

but at the same time maintain the most optimal structure of your training giving you incredible results without the hustle.

So behind the simple interface that you will see in our app, there is a system that regardless of whether you have time for a 60 min full-body workout or a quick 15 min,
it's always optimized for the best results.

Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you are working on fundamental movements.

There are 9 fundamental movements in The Movement Athlete Academy:

Note how they are divided into:

Pushing (Horizontal & Vertical)
Pulling (Pull-ups)
Leg Work (Squats)
Core Mastery (That includes Abs, Side and Back work)
Bodyline (Planks)

So here is how an example of how your week could look like:

Day 1

You are pretty short on time today and you have only 20 minutes to get your workout in.

Given 20 min our system generated a personalized workout (which starts exactly the step you are at towards that progression) that include:

Push-ups + Abs

Great! It was quick and you feel great.

Day 2.
The next day you have a bit more time and you change the time to 40 min.

Our system knows that the day before you did pushing + core so it generates a brand new workout that includes:
Pull-ups (Pulling),
Back (Core) and

making sure that we only fill 40 min of your time.

Can you already see where are we going with it?

Day 3.

You are really tired, it was a long day but you know a little movement will actually make you feel better.

You pick 15 min workout, no equipment.

Our system knows that you already did Pulling, Back, Legs so it pulls the next progression you are working on which would be
Horizontal Pushing - Handstand and if there is still time it will fit some Side Work (part of the Core work)

You are pretty tired, so as you go along you tell the TMA system that things feel hard and, instead of being pushed you get a solid workout without feeling exhausted.

Instead, you feel energized.

Can you see how the system rotates a variety of movements taking into consideration your lifestyle, how are you feeling and still keeping the optimal balance within your workouts?

The Result?
- a routine that splits according to your needs and your daily lifestyle
- workouts that are challenging but not exhausting and adapt to how you feel that day
- full body development over a period of a week making sure that you hit all the important areas
- preventing injuries by cleverly splitting movement types and body parts for maximum results.
- switching between full body and split routines depending on your schedule

and the best?

You don't need to think twice about it

All you need to do is show up

Pretty cool ha?

We think so too! ;)

Stay strong

The Movement Athlete Team

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