Our mission is to develop the tech and content that will get anyone from zero to advanced calisthenics and gymnastics moves and get you on a lifelong journey of physical mastery. 

Here is what we are currently working on (May 2020)


  • Fixing Bugs, Improving Stability & Performance of the app

  • Unifying the workout so the warmup, skill and cooldown section looks exactly like the strength section

  • Rebuilding the timer

  • Updating all app descriptions as well as errors within seconds/ reps and weather the exercises should be done on both sides or not

  • Offline Workout 

  • More Flexibility for adding/ removing/ skipping exercises and skills

  • Mobility & Flexibility Assessment 

Social & Sharing 

  • Social wall, profile

  • Trainers profiles 

  • Gamification 

Do you have a feature you would like to see inside the app?
Click the link below and tell us about it. We take our user feedback very seriously so you can be sure you will be heard. 

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