Once the assessment has been completed, The Movement Athlete determines algorithmically which progressions will best fit your skill level as you work to conquer our nine fundamental movements. Each workout will start with cardio movements followed by an active flexibility warm up, skillwork, strength work and a cool down. 

The Cardio movements are chosen based on your fitness level, the Active Flexibility is chosen based on which body parts will be the most emphasized during your workout and the Cool Down is selected to help you with rest and recovery for the exercises completed. 

As you progress into advanced movements, there will be additional Skill Work attached to help you progress faster. For example, if you are working on a Muscle Up we may add some Muscle Up transitions in with your Skill Work. Aside from these additions, the Skill Work is there to help you become more aware and to help you roll and leap and spin your way to a more developed kinesthetic awareness. 

On top of this, the app also takes a wider view, looking at past workout history as well as upcoming workout schedule in order to effectively place and adjust exercises for each session. Specific loading, reps and sets are all added at this stage.

The result is a well-organized workout that obeys the scientific principles of sport and exercise while also matching the Athlete’s workout goals and timeline.

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