What are the main principles on which this training program is built on and why it is effective?

Principles of the Training

The Movement Athlete is an algorithmic, calisthenics-based program that assesses where you are and tailors a custom workout to grow with you. We know that our body is our gym, and through understanding our physical self, we can transcend the limits of our expectations.


The first step to creating your workout plan is determining exactly Where You Are. Our assessment will guide you through progressions of nine Calisthenic Fundamentals so that we can best understand your current abilities. 

Once the assessment is complete, you will be asked to input your preferences on the exercises and skills that most interest you.

Et, Voila! Your first, of many custom-built workouts, is ready for you to begin.

Why we are so huge on personalisation?

We believe that every workout should be a challenge that you are able to meet and complete, successfully. With your feedback, we adjust your workouts in real time to make sure that you are always presented with a workout that starts where you Are and grows with you. 

Autoregulation - your secret weapon

In Movement Athlete workouts you have the ability to add more reps on a day where you are feeling particularly strong and conversely to avoid over-fatiguing your muscles on days where the work is more challenging. You have input in your own growth process.

Structure of the training 

Each workout begins with a Warmup consisting of cardio moves and active flexibility exercises. Following this Warmup you will approach Skill Work and Strength Work, followed by a Cool Down. 

Fundamentals and Advanced Movements Explained

The 9 fundamental movements are: 

Plank, Core, Back, Side, Handstand, Pullup, Pushup, Dips and Pistol Squats

After mastery of these movements, you will be able to progress to advanced movements such as: 

Muscle ups, Front and Back Levers, Human Flag,Freestanding  handstand, Handstand walks, Press Handstands, Planche, Manna, Leg raises, 1 arm pushup, Ring Dips  

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