The TMA program is designed to be done anywhere, ANYTIME!

That's why we have implemented a feature that enables you to choose equipment that you have or have not on any given day. 

When you go to your Workout Screen you will see a little icon next to equipment

Yes, you will need a pull up bar/ rings if you want to progress through pulling progressions.  

While you can make a lot of progress without ANY equipment there are definitely some exercises that you won't be able to progress through without it like pull ups. 

Hence the biggest piece of equipment you will need sooner or later is something to perform pulling exercises.  

Saying that if at a particular day you don't have for example a pull up bar - you can just tell our app and it will change the workout, giving you only exercises without equipment.

A lot of folks inside the program use gymnastic rings - they are cheap and portable and you can get them on amazon depending what country are you in.

So what about all this other equipment inside the app? 

Building calisthenics strength is all about increasing your progressive resistance, slowly but surely. This is how we condition your nervous system and build strong joints.

To achieve that  in the The Movement Athlete Academy we use a number of ways of increasing resistance (you can read about them all here)  and items/ props and some equipment are simply incredibly helpful in that.

Higher surface, lower surface, sliders, head pads (eg a towel) are all items in your environment -  a chair, a bench, a couch - that can be used to change your position of body in space and increase that resistance.

But there are some pieces that will simply make your progress faster and help us build micro progressions. 

Rubber bans are a very cheap and simple pieces of equipment but they are extremely useful and the only reason we implemented them is because they do help you progress and in turn make it safer to train and progress gradually. 

Can you give me a list of all the equipment that is being used in TMA Academy? 

Here is an article with a list of equipment and items we use in the TMA program as well as creative ways to replace them

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