The TMA program is designed to be done anywhere, ANYTIME!
That's why we have implemented a feature that enables you to choose equipment that you have or have not on any given day. 

The biggest piece of equipment you will need sooner or later is something to perform pulling exercises.  Everything else can be substituted with something you have around in your environment. But you need something to be able to perform pulling movement - so either pull up bar or rings.

Saying that if at a particular day you don't have for example a pull up bar - you can just tell our app and it will change the workout, giving you only exercises without equipment.

The program is designed so you can do it on a very limited space, anytime, anywhere. All the exercises are bodyweight exercises.

A lot of folks inside the program use gymnastic rings - they are cheap and portable and you can get them on amazon depending what country are you in.

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