There is something remarkable happening in the world of movement right now. A shift from work to play, from sweat to skill development, from short term goals to getting on a lifelong journey of exploring our own bodies and what they are capable of. We have seen it in various movement disciplines gaining momentum from callisthenics, parkour, gymnastics, tricking, acrobatics, and yoga. Among all of them there is one thing in common: working with your own bodyweight towards mastery and uncovering what your body is truly capable of. We are building a platform which is gamefied and will enable you to get started and keep on going while unlocking different movements, going on quests and learning new skills. All while becoming healthy and fit. Our vision is simple: To build tools – technology, information, training programs, and physical facilities to enable, empower and train a new wave of movement athletes – those who use their own body to push the impossible. Our main focus at the moment is the development of the technology which in a personalised way will set anyone on a journey of a lifetime to unleash their full physical potential. What you are seeing now is just a first step. Join us and let’s build it together.

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